The SEEMORELUX NATURAL™ is AFRGRI and KFC standards compliant because of our unique HF Electronic Ballast with Digitally smooth Dawn to Dusk dimming used in conjunction with our unique SEEMORELUX™ Classic Blue Calming Light. “My understanding is that SEEMORELUX NATURAL™ is fluorescent, and thus emits UV light which activates Vitamin D, thus reducing problems with Calcium metabolism. Your design allows a gradually brightening and dimming when switching on and off respectively, as opposed to sudden brightness and darkness with other designs. This reduces stress and injuries. Neat! I like it.”

“…straight Calcium diets won’t be absorbed…”

“…my experience reinforces and agrees with what you are trying to achieve… The main aim of the chicken raising operation is to make profit. By reducing injuries and ensuring rapid, healthy growth, they should improve their margin.”

“In your specific situation, if the Farmer focuses on saving a few percent on his lighting bill, but ignores the effect on the chickens’ welfare, then he will actually lose money in the long run due to poorer growth and higher mortality.”

Dr. Dave Kenyon, serving Welfare Committee - South African Veterinary Association. An extract of his written comments on SEEMORELUX™ Natural.